St. Louis County police take recruitment on the road

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NORTH ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KTVI)-In the wake of the unrest in Ferguson, the St. Louis County police department is trying to improve diversity in its ranks. At a job fair at Hazelwood East Middle School on Saturday, men and women started with push-ups and paperwork.

For the first time, the department went out looking for new trainees of all backgrounds, but specifically seeking minority candidates.The day featured written tests and a physical evaluations.

There are potential recruits who see joining the force as a way to solve what has looked like a war between residents of North County and the police.

Potential recruit Theo McFee said, “I believe I can make a difference and show people something different other than what they think or what they know or what they've heard, and show them law enforcement is not bad that we're on their side, not against them.”

Shakita Blakely added, "My husband was a little concerned, he was like, ‘with everything going on why would you want to do this?’ But I think we can make a big difference and that way we won’t always be targeted."

There was concern as to how many people would show up for the two-day event, but that was put to rest when about 150 people walked through the door.

Website: St. Louis County Police Career Information

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