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STL Moms: Could club sports be a detriment to your child?

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Do your kids play club sports? Many children do.

Behavioral pediatrician Dr. Tim Jordan visits Fox 2 News in the Morning to talk about how playing club sports could be hurting your child in the long run.

Why club sports are harmful to kids
1. Significant increase in overuse injuries.
2. Early specialization in one sport, on multiple teams in same season, and play year-round.
3. Over-focus on and pressure to get college scholarships.
4. Many kids quit playing by age 13 because: it’s not fun, too competitive, overemphasis on winning, coach plays favorites.
5. No time for going to traditional summer camps and family vacations.

What should parents do?
1. Make an emphasis on having fun, developing passion for sports, being a good team player, learn how to win and lose, keep physically fit, learn life lessons like persistence and discipline.
2. One sport and one team a season.
3. Encourage participation in wide variety of sports and activities.
4. Ensure weeks and months of rest. AAP recommends 2 to 3 months off between sports. Do not allow kid to play the same sport all year.
5. Don’t buy into the college scholarship rat race. Don’t get too far ahead of yourself and enjoy things one season at a time.
6. Make needs of your family important, too; emphasize down time, meals together, and weekends off.
7. Band together with other parents and tell coach what you want. Take charge of your child’s time and life.
8. Listen to your kids.

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