Couple accused of chaining children to bed

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Lewisburg, TN (WSMV) — A Lewisburg mother and father are accused of chaining their own children to their bed.

A friend of the mother contacted police after she found the children in chains. She told Channel 4 she couldn’t believe the explanation she received from the mother when she confronted her. Michelle Vanorden went over to hang out with her friend on Wednesday when she noticed something was a little off. Evelyn Stevens has four small children, but none of them were around. “I asked where the two boys were and she said, ‘In the room, chained to the bed,'” Vanorden said.

Amazed, Vanorden said she knew she had to do something. The first thing was to see for herself if Stevens was telling the truth.

She made an excuse to go to the children’s room.

“The kids were chained to the bed,” Vanorden said. “About a 10-pound dog chain with a lock on it.”

Vanorden took her phone and started taking pictures of the boys chained to the bed. She said when they saw her, they thought they would be set free. But there was nothing Vanorden could do. “Their eyes got so big because they thought I was going to let them off, but I didn’t have a key,” she said. Vanorden brought the pictures to police, who then went out to the trailer. Andrew Roberson let police in.

The children told police Roberson chained them up.

Police arrested Roberson and Stevens on child abuse charges and took the children to safety.

Roberson and Stevens were booked on misdemeanor charges, but investigators said they will likely be upgraded to felonies.