Police swarm two homes of man charged with federal gun crimes

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)- There is still concern this morning in a north city neighborhood after law officers swarmed two homes owned by a man charged with federal gun crimes. Authorities were worried that the homes might have been booby trapped. Investigators haven`t revealed all of the details on what has been recovered although some guns were taken from the property.

David Hagler was arrested Wednesday and is facing federal charges including possessing unregistered weapons and possessing weapons and ammunition by an unlawful user of a controlled substance. Court documents revealed that Hagler had extreme anti-government and anti-police views. Haler also talked about plans to killed police officers as well as others.

Bommarito Automotive SkyFox was over the scene on Howell Street in the Baden neighborhood near the Halls Ferry circle. Several law enforcement agencies were involved in the search. The area was blocked off for hours.

For some time, a robot was brought in to search the properties for things like booby traps. The two homes on Howell may have been connected by an underground tunnel.

Investigators found about a dozen semi and automatic rifles.

Hagler remains in federal custody.