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Police reveal contents of suicide note found with Tom Schweich’s former spokesman

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JEFFERSON CITY, MO (KTVI) - More information into the death of Spence Jackson has been released at a press conference Tuesday afternoon.   Jefferson City police released the content of a note found with the former media spokesman's body.  Police say the note simply said,  "I'm so sorry. I just can't take being unemployed again."

Jefferson City police did not provide the actual note or a copy of the original document.  A spokesman for the police department simply read the contents to the media.

Jackson was the spokesman for Missouri Auditor Tom Schweich.  He was found dead in his Jefferson City apartment Sunday night with the note and a .357 Magnum revolver.  This death comes just one month after Schweich was also found dead of a self inflicted gunshot wound.

Jackson had been Schweich`s media director since May of 2011. He also held other key republican jobs in state government.

He was critical of Schweich`s political adversaries and even called for the resignation of Missouri`s Republican Party Chairman John Hancock. That came after allegations that Hancock was behind an anti-Semitic ‘whisper campaign’ that may have led to Schweich committing suicide. Hancock has strongly denied that accusation.

Schweich shot and killed himself at his Clayton home on February 26th.

Jackson's family wanted the note released to the public.  Police investigating the  death as a suicide.  They don’t suspect any foul play.  This is still an open investigation.  Jefferson City police are working with Clayton police.

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Joe Millitzer March 31, 20151:29 pm

Full video of the press conference to be posted shortly

Joe Millitzer March 31, 20151:14 pm

There were no illegal drugs found at Spence’s apartment

Joe Millitzer March 31, 20151:13 pm

Police investigating the  death as a suicide.  They don’t suspect any foul play

Joe Millitzer March 31, 20151:09 pm

Spence Jackson’s family wanted the letter released to the public

Joe Millitzer March 31, 20151:05 pm

Spence Jackson did report to work on Friday for a partial work day.  He did not report to work on Thursday

Joe Millitzer March 31, 20151:03 pm

“I’m so sorry.  I just can’t take being unemployed again.”  – Suicide note from Spence Jackson.

Joe Millitzer March 31, 201512:58 pm