Diesel fuel found in Mississippi River after pipeline leak

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HARTFORD, IL (KTVI)-Diesel fuel has been found in the Mississippi River following a pipeline leak at a product terminal owned by Phillips 66. Around 8:45am Friday, a leak was found in a pipeline that runs between the company’s Hartford, Illinois, terminal and the terminal’s barge dock.  According to the company, the diesel fuel leaked into the Cahokia Canal, which empties into the Mississippi River, and the fuel has reached the river.

The amount of diesel spilled is estimated at 25,000 gallons. River water in-take system operators have been notified.

The pipeline has been shut down and the source of the leak has been isolated and boomed. The U.S. Coast Guard, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, and Illinois EPA are on scene with Phillips 66 working to contain and clean up the spill.

The spill has forced the closing of the river to boat and barge traffic from Hartford, Illinois, to beyond the Jefferson Barracks Bridge. Officials don't want the boats to transport any of the spilled fuel farther downstream. The Coast Guard has not yet discovered any birds or fish that have been harmed.