Hundreds show up to 10-year-olds birthday party

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SHAKOPEE, MN - A young Minnesota girl-- who did not receive one 'yes' to her birthday party invitation-- is now feeling the love from, not just her community, but the entire state.

Hundreds came out to Memorial Park in Shakopee to help Mackenzie Moretter celebrate her tenth birthday.

Mackenzie has a rare genetic disorder called Sotos syndrome.

Her parents say it makes it harder for her to make friends.

When no one at her school accepted her invite to Saturday’s party, Mackenzie’s mom, Jenny, asked in a few Facebook groups for girls around MacKenzie's age to show up.

But it was not just a few young girls who saw that posting.

Everyone from strangers to firefighters, Snoopy, and even a Vikings player attended today's celebration.

(Jenny Moretter/MacKenzie's Mom) "They all want the same thing and that's just to be accepted and have friends and be loved."

Some of the people at Saturday’s party traveled from Wisconsin to attend.

Mackenzie said this was the best birthday of her life.