I-70 reopened in Warrenton after ammonia leak

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WARRENTON, MO (KTVI)- Traffic was back to normal Sunday night after a nearly 6 hour traffic disruption resulting from a chemical spill on Interstate 70.  Two tanks of anhydrous ammonia fell from a farm truck near Warrenton releasing about a 1,000 gallons.

Authorities shut down an 11 mile stretch of the interstate because one of those tanks was leaking.  Route 47 was closed from Veteran's Memorial Parkway to the North Service Road Nearby fast-food restaurants and gas stations were evacuated as a precaution. The highway was reopened around 4:30 pm.

“It’s hazardous.   It’s a corrosive material,” said Warrenton Fire Department’s Scott Weir.  “If you inhale the vapor, it can cause respiratory problems, itchy watery eyes and problems like that.”

Special Olympics coach Julie Busken was traveling with her team to Mehlville just as the chemical leak started.  She was heading to Mehlville for a competition.

“We were lucky enough to get on the highway just as they were closing it,” said Busken.  “When we came back at 5:30, it was finally gone.”

“It could have been dangerous,” said Weir.  “It could have gotten into the neighborhoods around the area.  Luckily it didn’t.”​