Handmade earrings donated to north county kindergarten and first graders

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KTVI) - Officer Solana Garner gets to see the children at Glasgow Elementary every day.

“I see them a lot,” says Solana Garner, St. Louis County School Resource Officer. “I'm familiar with tons of the parents. I have five schools in the Riverview district. I'm kind of all over the place where the kids go.”

On Thursday, this school resource officer and DARE instructor made her daily stop, but this time baring mother's day gifts.

Eleven hundred pairs of handmade earrings were donated and given out Thursday to north St. Louis County kindergarten and first grade students.

“They're small and I like to get them and talk to them while they're young,” says Garner. “I don't want them to think all police are bad. Just try to build good relationships with the kids. I want them to feel good coming to us.”

Chances are the gift-giving Officer Garner is going to ensure that Sunday for these students will be a happy Mother’s Day for all.