Be Facebook friends with Fox 2 anchors and reporters

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – You watch them on TV, now you can be friends with Fox 2’s anchors and reporters on Facebook.

Like many of you, the men and women who cover the news and events in and around St. Louis frequent social media. They share everything from breaking news and updates on the weather, to cute pet pics.

Give them a ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ and keep up with the people who help keep you informed!

Andy Banker

Jeff Bernthal

Betsey Bruce

Patrick Clark

Bonita Cornute

Elliott Davis

Margie Ellisor

Rich Gould

Vic Faust

John Fuller

Dan Gray

Lisa Hart

Chris Hayes

Chris Higgins

Kim Hudson

Angela Hutti

Martin Kilcoyne

Katie Kormann

Seth Lemon

Roche Madden

Charlie Marlow

Sandy Miller

Melanie Moon

Mandy Murphey

Dave Murray

Randi Naughton

Tom O’Neal

Anne Elise Parks

John Pertzborn

Chris Regnier

Rebecca Roberts:

Paul Schankman

April Simpson

Kevin Steincross

Shawndrea Thomas

Shirley Washington

Rafer Weigel

Elliot Weiler

Glenn Zimmerman