Man out looking for property finds items stolen from him and others

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, MO (KTVI) - Franklin County Sheriff’s investigators hope to return dozens of stolen items to their rightful owners.  The department has lawn mowers, weed trimmers, chain saws and other lawn and yard devices stored in an evidence locker.

Investigators were led to the stolen goods by someone looking at real estate.  The potential buyer noticed his own stolen log splitter on a St. Clair area property he was interested in buying.

“That is truly what started this case,” said Lt. Steve Pelton, Franklin County Sheriff’s Department.

He says the property owner denied any wrong doing, and told investigators a friend stored the items on the property. That friend has not been located and the investigation is continuing.

Pelton says anyone interested in claiming their stolen items should obtain a copy of the police report filed when the item was stolen.  He recommends victims have serial numbers handy when contacting the sheriff’s department at 636-583-2560.​