Pacific passes ordinance to combat feral cat population

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PACIFIC, MO (KTVI) – The city of Pacific votes to approve an ordinance aimed at controlling the population of feral and stray cats.  The ordinance allows the city to issue a permit for someone to use a process known as TNR.  TNR stands for trap, neuter and release.

Tracie Quackenbush operates a no-kill shelter in Jefferson County.  Tuesday she found 4 stray kittens in Pacific and took them to her Open Door Animal Sanctuary.  She says she’s already trapped and neutered 49 cats at the request of property owners.

“I trapped like 8 the first night, and then I went back the next day and trapped about eight more,” said Quackenbush. “I looked out in this field and it got dark and all I could see was beady little eyes, and I realized this town has a serious issue.”

There are opponents to the plan.  Some don’t feel the problem is a serious as Quackenbush contends.  Others worry about the cost the city will incur.

Quackenbush says she’s received several donations from people willing to the pay the cost of TNR in an effort to help Pacific control its cat population and at the same time treat the animals humanely.​