Missouri mom installs camera, catches man allegedly violating young girl

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Kansas City, MO (KCTV) — A man is behind bars after his girlfriend became suspicious of his actions involving her daughter.

The woman, who KCTV5 is not identifying, trusted her instincts and hid a camera inside her daughter’s toy. The sickening images the camera caught immediately led police to arrest Joshua W. Bibby, according to court records.

On Sunday, a judge found probable cause to issue a warrant for the 30-year-old man’s arrest. Bibby was charged with sexual exploitation of a minor.

The mother told KCTV5’s Erika Tallan that she grew suspicious over the last few months after she caught Bibby in her 6-year-old daughter’s room while she was sleeping.

According to court documents, one time the mother found, “The victim was with Bibby and asleep. The victim (said she) woke up to Bibby’s hands down the victim’s pants.”

So on Saturday, the woman installed the hidden camera inside her Raytown home. She positioned the camera so that it had a clear view of her daughter’s bed. The camera was also hooked up to the mothers smart phone so she could watch the video anywhere.

Just after midnight Sunday morning, the mother and her friend told Bibby they were heading to the store and left the house.

According to court documents, not more than three minutes later, “They both watched the camera and saw Bibby go into the victim’s room and pull the victim’s pants down.”

Court documents say the nanny camera video clearly shows Bibby taking a picture of the girl’s private parts and performing a sex act as she slept.

Police immediately burst into the home and arrested Bibby early Sunday morning. He refused to make a statement to police, according to court documents.

He is due back in court on June 1. His bond is set at $200,000. If he makes bond, he is ordered to have no contact with children.

By Erika Tallan