Chronic DWI offender arrested for 13th time in Florissant

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FLORISSANT, MO (KTVI) - A chronic DWI suspect is arrested for the 13th time in Florissant.  Police said  Owen R. Tross  is a repeat offender, at least a dozen times for DWI, and if convicted of the latest incident that number will rise to 13.  Florissant Officer Craig DeHart said, “In my experience I’ve never seen 12 DWI arrests prior to a 13th one.”

Florissant police arrested Tross Friday after a traffic accident. No one was hurt. They said the 60 year old repeat offender had been drinking again and arrested him.  Tross got out of prison last year.  He was sentence to 8 years but it appears he went through a special program and got out in 2 years.

Prison life has been a revolving door for Tross.  He’s been in out several times. He was sentenced to the department of corrections in 1999, then in 2003, 2005 and 2012.  And now he could be headed back again.  Officer DeHart said, “It is concerning, we’re putting forth the effort to get these offenders off the street and it seems like some of them are slipping through the cracks and someone’s going to get injured by one of these individuals that are drinking and driving.”  DeHart added, “The police in general are just as frustrated as the public when the DWI offenders are arrested and immediately get out of a jail or do a small sentence and get back on the street.”

A FOX 2 reporter went to Tross’s home in Florissant, no one answered.  Tross is out of jail; his bond was set at 100 thousand dollars.  Police said Tross was also driving without a license and is apparently not allowed to reapply for on until 2022.