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New construction underway at The Muny in Forest Park

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)- Construction is almost complete on a well- known section of Forest Park that's undergoing a $3 million renovation. The area is known as the Upper Muny Lot. In just a matter of time, it'll be called the Festival & Parking Plaza.

The lot hasn't been in good shape mostly because of its age and lack of upkeep. Te lot is 75-years old and it spans 11-acres. At this time, it's been crumbling with cracked asphalt and potholes. But thanks to tax credits and donor contributions, it's being transformed into a multipurpose plaza, with space not just for parking but for festivals and charity runs.

The project will include new trees and landscaping, an improved flow of traffic for cars, more benches and drinking fountains.

These changes are expected to not only beautify and clean up the area, but make it clearer and ssafer for visitors.

The new plaza is set to be unveiled next week. That's just in time for The Muny's official season opener.