STL Moms: How divorced couples handle summer vacations

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - Summer vacation is upon us, and while it’s an exciting time to relax for kids, it can be a challenging time for divorced parents.

Family law attorney Jonathan Marks visits Fox 2 News in the Morning to talk about how to handle summer vacation.

He offers these tips to parents:

Make sure that your parenting plan has language about when each parent gets to take a vacation.

Adhere to the dates in the parenting plan regarding when you have to give notice to the other parent about vacation dates.

Make sure you get an itinerary from the other parent about times/dates of any vacation plans, including flight numbers, hotel names, etc. and that you have a phone number where your child(ren) can be reached while on vacation.

Make sure you provide all of this information to the other parent if you are taking a vacation.

Plan your vacation well ahead of time, keeping in mind that you cannot schedule your vacation around other special days where the other parent has custody, i.e. mother’s/father’s day, the other parents birthday, etc.