Selfie stick ‘sing along’ goes from fun to fear in less than 40 seconds

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MIAMI, FL — You may want to think twice before using a selfie stick in a moving vehicle.  This fun sing along turned into a scary video in the span of 40 seconds.

A clip of four people singing “Baby Come Back” by Player to a GoPro on a selfie stick has gone viral. The group got into an accident in the middle in the middle of shooting the video, according to a 9 report.

You may know the song they were singing by the lyric, “you can blame it all on me.”   This time you can blame the tire.  It blew in the middle of the chorus.  The fun times in the car turn to one scary situation as the camera flips and the when the car goes out of control.

Right after the accident you can hear a woman say, “We’re not posting that video.”   The video was posted by Marco Ferro to YouTube on May 19th.  It has been seen over 1.1 million times.  The next video Ferro posted is from Sedona, Arizona.  Yes, it is a sing along too.