Eagle perched among headstones continues to spread Memorial Day message

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MINNEAPOLIS – It is Memorial Day weekend and a photo from Fort Snelling National Cemetery in Minnesota continues to remind people of what the holiday is really about.

The photo is by amateur photographer, Frank Glick, who was driving through the cemetery one morning in 2011 when he saw an eagle perched on a gravestone. He thought it would make a nice photo.

A friend said Glick should check out the name on the gravestone and show the picture to relatives if they could be found. The widow was delighted to receive a copy of the eagle watching over her beloved husband. A story about the exchange ran in the newspaper.

Since then, requests for the picture have come in from across the world, including the Department Of Veterans Affairs, military publications, Arlington National Cemetery, even from soldiers in Afghanistan.

There were some who insisted that the photo was a fake, created with Photoshop. But Glick insists the photo is real.

To reach Glick about the photo, e-mail him at liketophoto@yahoo.com.