Fairview Heights installs security cameras in two parks

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FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS, IL (KTVI) - Residents of Fairview Heights have new security cameras at two city parks. Police say the new technology gives an extra layer of security. The cameras have been active since last fall and police say they are effective.

According to Fairview Heights police more than 20 cameras are installed at Moody and Pleasant Ridge parks as a way to help keep the community safe.

Park goer Cara Smith has been going to Pleasant Ridge for 20 years and says the cameras are a good idea.

"I think it`s a good way to keep the public safe and a good thing for the community. I raised my children here in Fairview Heights and times have changed." said Smith

Most of the people FOX 2 spoke to didn't know about the cameras. The opinions varied, while some say its like big brother watching, others think it`s a good way to deter crime.

The cameras cost $95,000 and were funded with seized drug money. Police also say the cameras are monitored regularly. So far they haven`t seen any serious crimes, but they will be in place just in case.

There's no word on if more cameras will be installed.

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