Celebrities celebrate California couple’s 70th wedding anniversary

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When you’ve been married for nearly 70 years, you deserve plenty of accolades. We’re talking big accolades, from big names.

California couple Mary and Richard Arambula, who mark seven decades together in December, got just that when their granddaughter handed them messages a year in the making.

The messages came from the who’s who of the entertainment and political worlds, at least 150 of them, CNN affiliate KGET reported.

There were autographed pictures from celebrities, an apostolic blessing from the pope, a congratulatory message from President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama, even a handwritten note from actor George Clooney, according to the affiliate.

Their granddaughter, Belinda Bannister, started reaching out to celebrities and dignitaries in March 2014 in an effort to make their anniversary memorable.

It worked.

Comedian Joan Rivers, who died in September, sent a scarf as a gift, the affiliate reported. Leaders in their Bakersfield community also joined in the fun, adding to the growing pile of congratulatory messages.

The couple got married at age 16 and 17.

“It wasn’t always sweet, rolling smooth,” Richard Arambula told the affiliate.

“There was times that I wanted to get the gun, get out of my house,” Mary Arambula quipped.

Their relationship inspires their large family, which includes four children and a slew of grandchildren, great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren.

“They are just fabulous. And I love them, and I want everyone to know about it so they can know how amazing they are,” Bannister told KGET.

By Faith Karimi