Deadly airport shooting captured on surveillance video

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COLUMBUS, OH - An Ohio grand jury has cleared two airport police officers in the deadly shooting of a knife-wielding attacker in January.

Port Columbus International Airport today (Friday) releases surveillance video of the attack.

Jerry Revish reports.

A surveillance camera captured 41-year-old Hashim Abdul-Rasheed lugging a duffel bag down the sidewalk outside a terminal departure entrance.

An airline ticket agent had alerted police to him moments earlier for trying to buy a ticket with a female's I.D.

As the video shows, airport authority officer Hussein Hartman confronts Abdul-Rasheed outside his GMC Arcadia for illegally parking in a restricted area.

As the officer motions for him to step away from the vehicle, Abdul-Rasheed suddenly charges toward him, pulling out a knife that you see circled in his hand.

The officer retreats, pulls out his service weapon and shoots Abdul-Rasheed in the leg while backing into a parked car.

Both fall to the ground momentarily.

The officer gets up and radios for help as Abdul-Rasheed returns to his feet and starts limping toward the officer.

A second officer weapon drawn comes into frame, as Abdul-Rasheed lunges toward both of them still waving that knife.

The officers continue to retreat while continuing to order him to stop.

One of the officers takes a swing at Abdul-Rasheed with a baton, to no avail.

The altercation continues past the American Airlines skycap area.

A third officer in the orange polo shirt, weapon drawn engages Abdul-Rasheed who starts waving his arms in the air again, while advancing on the officers.

As Abul-Rasheed walks past this concrete column, the officer in the orange polo fires several rounds at him.

The attack ends when Abdul-Rasheed falls to the ground mortally wounded.

Medics pronounced him dead at the scene.

Officers found other knives strapped to Abdul-Rasheed's leg.

Investigators discovered he had a history of mental illness.