Illinois still refining rape kit rules after infamous cases

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CHICAGO (AP) – The problem of mishandled or ignored rape kits persists nearly a decade after some were discovered gathering dust at a suburban Chicago police department.

Illinois lawmakers are still trying to find ways to give victims justice.

Last month, the Illinois Legislature passed a bill that would change the time frame during which rape charges can be brought, moving it from when the crime is committed to when the evidence is tested. Gov. Bruce Rauner has not yet signed the legislation.

Seven women have filed a lawsuit in federal court against Harvey’s police department and the former chief, alleging that the failure to submit the rape kits for testing violated their constitutional rights to due process and equal protection.

In Chicago, some men have been convicted after kits were tested.


The Associated Press reports Kansas City Police are trying to acquire the money needed to test the 1,300 untested rape kits.