Man fatally gored by bull on farm

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HAMPTON FALLS, NH - A New Hampshire man was fatally gored by a bull on a family farm.

Authorities found the man's body in a pasture a day after he disappeared.

Jean Mackin reports.

(Elizabeth Merrill, Wife) "He died on the land that he loved and I think it was meant to be."

Elizabeth Merrill says she's trying to celebrate the life of her husband Chris.

The 51 year old was apparently gored by a Scottish Highland bull on the family farm in Hampton Falls.

(Elizabeth Merrill, Wife) "In a couple weeks we were married 24 years, I feel blessed that I had him in my life."

Last Saturday, Chris Merrill was seen tending to his highland cattle 3 adults and 2 calves.

When he didn't return home, his family called police.

Police found his body in the pasture the next morning, state police say it was clear he had a confrontation with a bull

(Lt. Chris Vetter \ NH State Police) "They were relatively aggressive so we had to deal with that as part of the search and also as part of the recovery of the victim."

Chris Merrill was a father to three children, 16, 18 and 21 years old.

He owned a stone masonry business, and worked long days on his farm.

He hoped to use the highland cattle to expand.

(Lt. Chris Vetter \ NH State Police) "Eventually he was going to put a Christmas tree farm in and they would keep the brush down and they were going to be part of that whole vision. A man of many talents and just devoted to having a good life."