#NotMyAmerica: Social media users debate tense Mohammed cartoon rally

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As protesters from both sides of the anti-Islam rally gathered in Phoenix on Friday, separated by police, a sort of similar scene was playing out on social media.

But the latter was divided across a hashtag.

Behind the safety of their monitors, social media users lashed out for or against the rally and cartoon contest that reignited the debate on free speech.

Under the hashtag #NotMyAmerica, a stream of arguments and counterarguments flowed early Saturday.

Others slammed the “Draw Mohammed” organizer for asking attendees to bring their guns to the rally outside the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix.

Jon Ritzheimer said his Phoenix event was inspired by a similar one in Texas this month where police killed two men linked to ISIS. The two attempted a gun attack on a Prophet Mohammed cartoon contest. They had attended the Phoenix mosque briefly.

Ritzheimer was to feature a similar contest across from its doors.

Others said there was a double standard when it comes to the freedom of speech.

Others, still, empathized with Muslims who were inside the mosque during the rally, which was held on a day they hold their prayers.

But some defended the right to protest.

And rallied against the entire religion.

By Faith Karimi, CNN

CNN’s Ben Brumfield contributed to this report