Flooding in Texas has animal shelters swamped

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SAN MARCOS, TX - People in Texas have lost so much after several days of severe flooding.

Hundreds of homes swept away by floodwaters.

But in the tragedy...survivors are emerging.

And they aren't just people.

Pets are also being saved.

Many who got separated from their owners during the flooding.

Gary Tuchman has some of their stories.

Six puppies, brothers and sisters found with their mother near the floodwaters in Hayes County Texas.

Six kittens found with their mother.

They are all the latest residents of the San Marcos Texas animal shelter, a facility that is doing its best to take care of a growing number of pets separated during the storm from their owners.

(Kara Montiel, Animal Services Mgr, San Marcos Animal Shelter) It's hard with strays because you don't know where they came from or if anyone is going to come looking for them.

There is this mother and three of her kittens.

There is this tiny kitten named Toby, pets are often named when they arrive here.

This male cat named sweetheart.

(Kara Montiel, Animal Services Mgr, San Marcos Animal Shelter) He's a sweetheart. He rolls over and he asks for love. (laughs)

There are dogs like Oreo the terrier

This German shepherd.

A Yorkshire terrier and a spitz found walking out of the floodwaters.

(Gary Tuchman, Reporting) this Labrador retriever is about 3 years old. He was found right near the floodwaters and the people here have absolutely no idea who his owner might be.

The people who work at the shelter have already sent dogs and cats separated during the storm to other facilities around the state of Texas because they just don't have enough room.

It's all very challenging.

(Kara Montiel, Animal Services Mgr, San Marcos Animal Shelter) We do it for the people. We do it for the pets.

Indeed, people who have had their houses destroyed or damaged have brought their pets here for safekeeping... While they get their lives in order

Coco the Shitzu and Ben the poodle are two such dogs.

So is this husky named Frozen.

As for the felines.

(Gary Tuchman, Reporting) "Lets tell you the story about this particular cat. His name is Lucky. And Lucky was brought in after being found on top of a car that had been flooded. He's been named Lucky, because the person who found him said if he is not adopted, I will take the cat, and that's why he is lucky.

And also lucky is this man.

(Sean Fickle, Owner of Bongo) Oh my god, I'm so happy. You have no idea.

Sean Fickle has just found his cat bongo who ran away from home during the worst of the flooding.

(Gary Tuchman, Reporting) How do you feel?

(Sean Fickle, Owner of Bongo) Amazing. I can’t believe he's here!

A happy ending in a place that does not always have them.

Gary Tuchman, CNN, San Marcos, Texas.

Severe weather this week has claimed at least 21 lives in Texas.

The governor has already declared a state of disaster in 70 counties.

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