Dog thefts up in Metro Area

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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, MO (KTVI) - Gale Frey rescues, fosters and trains dogs as part of her organization called  She founded it fifteen years ago.  She loves dogs and is very concerned at the rate of dog thefts she has seen in 2015.

Frey says, "you usually see that sort of thing happen once a week, it is definitely prevalent."

Police can’t give hard numbers as far as thefts being up because not everyone reports their dog missing or stolen.  However, Frey does watch, she gets calls, emails and messages, that combined with what she monitors on social media gives her the data.

Dogs are stolen as pets, for use in medical labs, for sale, especially purebreds that can be "flipped" and unfortunately for dog-fighting.

Dogs are stolen from backyards, inside homes and even cars when people leave their pets for just seconds and return to find their dog gone.

Frey encourages every pet owner to be aware of your pet at all times.  She also encourages micro-chipping.  The chips are not a monitoring device but they do prove ownership where pictures don’t always do so under Missouri law.

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