Family gets free pizza for life for selling home

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PORTLAND, OR - Call it a deal of a lifetime for a pizza lover. A family in Oregon got a little extra when they sold their home to a pizza shop owner.

Free pizza forever.

Brian MacMillan explains how the free pie sweetened the real estate deal.

Yeah, there we go.

At Denicola's Italian restaurant in southeast Portland.

Gotta have a good foundation.

Pizza is serious business.

Been making it for 37 years.

Because here it's not just food.

Off the board and into the oven.

Now it's become a bargaining chip.

Pizza's up!

And, it's all because of this. Rob and Holly Marsh live here, at least for now. They put their home on the market just a few days ago.

(Holly Marsh/Selling House) "There are times when I still get a little wistful of, oh I'm going to miss this about the house."

In three days they had four offers. But, one…

(Donna Denicola/Denicola's Italian Restaurant) "I felt like I was in a poker game.'

Really stood out.

(Donna Denicola/Denicola's Italian Restaurant) "It's a whole big hodge podge of stuff that you have to cover to try to purchase a house, especially right now, especially in this market.

Donna Denicola's offer was twenty six thousand dollars over asking price. She threw in free rent for two months.

(Rob Marsh, Selling House) "The fact that they are allowing us to live here for another couple of months is really helpful."

And to top it off a special clause.

(Donna Denicola/Denicola's Italian Restaurant) "Then, I just kind of added, yeah, I'll throw in a pizza a month for life.'

(Rob Marsh, Selling House) "Who doesn't love pizza?"

(Holly Marsh, Selling House) "If you don't, you're a monster. (laughs)"

(Donna Denicola/Denicola's Italian Restaurant) "I'm willing to do anything because I know this market is crazy."

Realtor Nathaniel Bachelder says inventory is at a historic low. He says as of the end of April, if every home on the market sold, they'll be gone in less than two months.

(Nathaniel Bachelder/Urban Nest Realty) "People are waving inspection contingencies, waving appraisal contingencies; I'm seeing more offers site unseen."

Home buyers are having to go the extra mile.

(Nathaniel Bachelder/Urban Nest Realty) "You kind of have to get creative at this point."

Donna says free pizza is a small price to pay for getting what they wanted.

(Donna Denicola/Denicola's Italian Restaurant) "I'm going to be buying them a pizza for life, so I will know them very well. I'll watch their kids grow up."

(Rob Marsh/Selling House) "I really feel like they wanted this place and they understood where we were coming from and they built an offer around that."

We did the math and at twenty bucks a pizza every month for the next forty years, that adds up to four hundred and eighty pizzas  valued at almost $10,000.

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