Rams give homeless woman a second chance at life

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - Two St. Louis Rams players went undercover for an ESPN special called "Life on the Streets." Williams Hayes and Chris Long had nothing to eat, no place to sleep and only four dollars in their pockets.

During their mission to bring awareness to homelessness in the city, they met Nancy Dunn. Dunn had been living on the streets for two years, most recently in a warehouse downtown. Hayes and Long offered to foot the bill for Dunn to stay in a hotel for two months while she got the help she needed to get back on her feet.

When her time at the hotel was up, Places for People stepped in to help Nancy get into transitional housing.

"It's so much better because I don't feel like I'm fighting for every little move," she said. "It's not just hoping that we'll find a decent place to sleep that night or hoping that dinner's going to be there."

Places for People helps individuals with mental illness find housing, medical and psychiatric care and jobs. Since she began going to Places for People in late April, Nancy has been seeing a treatment team daily and she's on medication to manage her mental illness.

The staff says Nancy's situation is not unusual.

"Everybody is just one or two decisions or a paycheck or a layoff from being in the very position that a lot of my clients are in," said Donnie Winget, Team Leader of the Places for People Action Team.

The staff says Nancy is focused on her goals and is determined to get home to her family when the time is right.

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