Flooded roads in Lincoln County trapping motorist

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LINCOLN COUTY, MO (KTVI) – High water trapped motorists in their cars at several points In Lincoln County. The Cuivre River jumped its bank and flooded farmland and roads. Several acres of farmland are under water and corn plants were flooded.

Hours after the rain packed storm passed cars were still stuck in water.  Eight vehicles including a tow truck tried to make it through roads that had turned into rushing creeks.

Drivers and passengers were able to get out and wade through the high water to safety. No one was injured but repair bills could go through the roof. It was the second night heavy rains swamped parts of the county.  Lincoln County Fire Protect District Chief Mike Cherry said rural roads can be especially tough, “Unfortunately when the flood waters are up the vegetation on the sides of the road doesn’t let you know where the side of the roads are.  Most of the cases we have are people who go off the side of the road or under estimate the current on the road is what causes the cars to stall”.

James Blackmon was driving a tow truck when it got stuck in high water, “Not so much scary, but it definitely makes you twice about doing something like that especially if you’re in a tow truck you think you can get through it because you’re so high up but I was 100 percent wrong.”

Even though signs warning of flooded roads were posted people drove around them and found out quickly it was not a good idea.

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