Man threatens woman with gun-caught on camera

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ALBUQUERQUE, NM - A New Mexico man is behind bars, thanks to cell phone video. The video shows the man pointing a gun at his girlfriend, then shoving her.

Terrifying video captured Saturday at an Albuquerque park. Police say that's Xavier Amaya pointing a gun at his girlfriend, then shoving her.

Jenny Wonder recorded the video. She says she does not know the man or the woman he's attacking. She was just trying to enjoy a sunny afternoon at Bullhead Park when the confrontation began.

"He kind of flies in from the parking lot with two girls. There's a big fight going on, and he immediately got the gun out in the girl's face." said Jenny Wonder.

You can hear wonder in the video saying she's going to send the recording to police. Then she gets involved, yelling at Amaya to go away.

"Get (expletive) out of here homey!" said Jenny Wonder.

He does, walking out of frame into the parking lot. Wonder says she immediately started helping this girl, who was bleeding after being pistol whipped. Then wonder called 911 and posted this video to Facebook.

Hours later, police arrested Amaya.

"I really like to think that some of the social media and, like, blasting that video, whatever, maybe sped that up." said Jenny Wonder.

She says she's glad a man who turned a day at the park into a life-threatening event is off the streets and behind bars.

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