Homeowners dealing with flooded basements across St. Louis area

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O’FALLON, MO (KTVI) - All the recent rain has been a headache for homeowners across St. Louis, dealing with sewer backups and flooded basements.

In a basement in O’Fallon, the sump pump stopped working. Because of the rain, it overflowed, causing water to seep into the carpet and walls.  A cleanup crew from Servpro vacuumed and suctioned the water out of the carpet and mat, then worked to measure the damage to the wall.

In Jefferson County, it was a similar situation.  Heavy rains caused several basements to flood in Arnold.  Drains filled with leaves, and homeowners were left with a big mess to clean up.

Servpro franchise owner Rick Bilbrey says, “You can even have water coming in through walls or floors from hydrostatic pressure, or even windows or doors, or openings in the basement.”

In Chesterfield, FOX 2 toured another basement which suffered some water damage, from a backed up sewer pipe. That was from roots clogging the pipe, combined with all the extra water from recent rain.  The flooding had Cynthia and Manuel San up at 2 Wednesday morning, using towels and buckets to soak up water two inches high.

Now, the homeowners may have to replace or disinfect carpets and walls.  All this, in a basement they just finished renovating.  Manuel San says, “There’s a Chinese saying that says, ‘use money to cover disasters,’ so this is what’s happening. Disasters happen, you just have to pay for it.”

With heavy rain expected to continue Thursday and Friday, Servpro crews expect to be even busier.​