Residents find KKK fliers on front lawn

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Topeka, Kansas residents say they found plastic bags with KKK fliers in them at nearly every home down the 1900 block of S.W. Cheyenne in June, 2015. **Embargo: Topeka, Kansas**

Topeka, Kan. (WIBW) — “I was very surprised because in Topeka Kansas, I just didn’t expect that,” says Topekan, Chuck Hanna. Hanna says his wife was going for a morning walk when she found papers on their lawn inside a plastic bag. “And it said KKK on it, I thought, well I didn’t open it, but I suppose we can call the police,” he says.

Hanna says they saw bags at nearly every home in the front yards down the 1900 block of S.W. Cheyenne.

The flier reads “Warning for White Americans” and “Neighborhood Watch: you can sleep tonight knowing the Klan is awake!”

“Which surprised me because I don’t think we need that kind of watching!” Hanna says.

Topeka Police Department’s Lt. Colleen Stuart says the department is aware residents are concerned. “We have given it to our organized crime unit. We are aware of it and we are gonna monitor it and do everything we can to prevent it and make sure they feel safe,” says Stuart.

Lt. Stuart told 13 NEWS they tried calling the number on the fliers, it is disabled.

By Ariana Cohen