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Unoccupied truck found in the River des Peres

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - Divers from the St. Louis Fire Department spent part of the day Wednesday looking for a vehicle submerged in the River Des Peres.

A worker called for help after noticing new tire tracks in an empty field leading to the river.

The tracks start at Marceau Street and run for about 100 yards before ending at the bank of the river.

Firefighters dispatched divers to the scene to look for the vehicle.

'They deployed a large magnet where they thought the vehicle might be and shortly after it affixed onto what we later discovered to be a pickup truck,' said Capt. Garon Mosby. 'We deployed two divers and the divers got down inside the truck, felt around and didn`t discover anyone."

The St. Louis Police department will eventually tow the vehicle, but it is going to wait until the water level drops.

At one point the tire tracks double up, suggesting someone driving the vehicle got stuck in the mud on the way to the river and that the truck was deliberately being ditched.

This is the second vehicle reported in an area river today.