Grafton tables ordinances to ban alive music

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GRAFTON, IL (KTVI) – Nick Frenz takes his kayak to work in Grafton, Illinois where water has split this river town in half.

But it's the issue of music that has them united.

"I have a lot of friends who work at these businesses and without the music they wouldn't do as good," says Nick Frenz. "Without the music and the money getting pulled in from that they wouldn't be doing as good."

Tuesday night in Grafton, the city council voted unanimously 6-0 to place two proposals "on file" that would ban outdoor music and limit class A liquor licenses.

"It's not what we wanted so there became a movement to do something to prevent these ordinances from being passed," says Nancy Wilson, owner of Jeni J's Gift Shop and Guest Houses.

In a town of 650, more than 200 showed up to oppose the ordinances.

"People in the town that have lived here a long time maybe didn't want to change with the times but we need progress for Grafton to grow and the tourists to come," says Wilson.

For now the tunes will remain and the townsfolk can go back to talking about the water and when it will go back down.


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