Pet goose plays soccer, jumps rope

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Baldwin County, AL (WALA) — When most people look for a pet –a dog, cat, or hamster comes to mind, or maybe even a bird. Occasionally, there are some people who want something a little more exotic and get an iguana or a snake. But not a good idea right?

Well, try telling that to Christin Ferguson. The Baldwin County mother of three says, “You can call me Mother Goose.” Needless to say, life for Ferguson is never dull. She has a husband, two young boys, and a pet goose named Diana that she ordered online.

“I ordered her from the Hatchery called Murray McMurray Hatchery Farms,” Ferguson explains.

The goose was packaged and shipped at just three days old. Ferguson picked her up at the post office in a box. Diana is now a two-year-old goose, and clearly part of the family.

“She thinks she’s human so whatever I do she tries to do,” laughs Ferguson.

The neighbors get a kick out of having a pet goose in the neighborhood. They say it adds an uniqueness to their close knit community.

“She’s such a beautiful goose. In the neighborhood everybody comes by to see Diana,” one neighbor said.

The goose goes for walks throughout the subdivision with the family every day, chases down the ice cream truck when the neighborhood kids want a treat, and even plays soccer! Diana the goose has her own website where people can also catch her paddle-boarding, and jumping rope! The other geese don’t seem to care about her fame…they run off whenever she tries to get close.

“No, she doesn’t socialize with the other geese,” said Ferguson. “We are her friends and family.”

As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together, and Diana is one of a kind. After all, how many pet geese think they’re as good as American soccer player Abby Wambach on the soccer field?

There is one thing Diana doesn’t do–hang out with the guys. She snapped at our photographer several times, and chased off Christin’s husband.

“It’s fun, she’s smart she’s a smart goose,” Ferguson said.

Ferguson admits it’s not the norm having a pet goose. She said she got her love of animals from her dad, who would often help rehabilitate wounded animals.

So how did Diana get her name? Ferguson says her husband is British, and they thought it would be fitting to have some type of royalty in the family.

By Lenise Ligon