Resort owners in Bourbon MO hoping for good weather over 4th of July

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BOURBON, MO (KTVI) - Resort owners along the Meramec River outside of Bourbon, MO, were hoping to get through Wednesday night without major flooding.

There was no crisis as of 10:00 P.M.

The Meramec at Blue Springs Ranch was picture perfect.

Still, part of the campground was closed as a precaution with at least 1,000 people expected there for the 4th of July weekend.

The biggest concern was not the river.  It was Blue Springs Creek.

Heavy rain over a short period could mean disaster said resort owner, Doyle Isom.

“It [the creek] actually jumps the road right here, goes right on down the road and goes right through that lower campground,” Isom said.

The resort was open, except for that lower campground.  It was closed Wednesday in case of flash flooding overnight.

Isom said he’d rather have it closed than have to evacuate people overnight.

“We’re doing a proactive thing right now where we close the area down tonight to see if this rain’s going to get by us.  If it does then we’ll be open tomorrow,” he said.

Campers who moved to higher ground were not about to pack it in and go home yet.

“We’re just like, ‘you know what, we’re going to come down here, we’re going to risk it.  If rains we’ve got our trailer, you know’,” said camper, Laramee Light.   “We just got taught to not trust the weather, just kind of risk it, live life a little bit on the edge, know what I’m saying.”

“They called for 100% chance of storms and rain all day long.  And it’s beautiful outside.  So that’s why we’re here,” added camper, Brittany Kline.

The Riverview Ranch resort down river was expecting about 300 campers for the holiday weekend.

Conditions were ideal Wednesday after the worst June the owner said she’d ever had to weather.

“My game plan is that I’m going to pray we don’t get a lot of rain – number 1 game plan.  Number 2 is just keep an eye on the river,” said resort owner Maggie Ahrens.

“I don’t believe I’ve ever seen as much rain as we’ve had this year.  I don’t think we’ve had 2 days of sunshine in a row,” Isom said.

Flooding closed both campgrounds for Father’s Day weekend.  It’ll be hard if not impossible to recover financially if they had to close the 4th of July weekend, too.

That would mean the loss of two the summer’s biggest weekends in the span of three weeks.

Both resort owners hoped to remain open through the weekend.

Still, they advised visitors to call ahead.