DC police: No evidence of shooting at Navy Yard

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — DC Police says search of the Washington Navy Yard building has been completed Thursday morning, and that no evidence of shooting or injured personnel have been found. Police said in a statement that a call was placed from inside a Navy Yard building reporting possible gun shot sounds, which is what prompted the lockdown and investigation.

This is the site of a 2013 shooting where 12 people were killed.

Officials did not find any evidence of a shooting.

Authorities searched building 197 on Thursday morning, the same building where the 2013 Navy Yard shooting took place, a source with DC’s Metropolitan Police Department tells CNN. Police have cleared part of that building, according to the same law enforcement source.

The source said the original 911 call reported a shooting on the second floor. The source confirmed that the Metropolitan Police and multiple law enforcement agencies are checking for a person with a gun in the building.

The U.S. Navy says the facility is under a shelter-in-place order.

Navy Commander Scott Williams, who was at the Navy Yard on Thursday morning and during the attack two years ago, told CNN’s “New Day” that the scene unfolding around the complex was “pretty much a mirror image of 2013”.

Naval Architect Jordan Rongers told CNN that the response and evacuation “pretty much the same thing as happened three years ago, but I think the response has been much better,” citing better protocols and security.

In a preventative measure, officials closed Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House. A law enforcement official says the move is a standard security precaution in light of potential navy yard incident under investigation

Dozens of police and ambulance vehicles surrounded the Washington Navy Yard on Thursday morning. Bystanders tweeted photos of the scene, though official details on the incident we’re scarce as of Thursday morning.

By Jim Sciutto

Chief National Security Correspondent

CNN’s Jeff Zeleney, Jim Acosta, Jamie Crawford, Peter Morris, Pamela Brown, Deena Zaru, Jedd Rosche and Sophie Tatum contributed



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