Illinois man has donated 25 bodies’ worth of blood

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CHARLESTON, Ill. (AP) _ An eastern Illinois man is being recognized for donating blood _ lots of it. Around 25 human bodies’ worth to be exact.

Don Schaefer of Charleston will get special recognition at an American Red Cross blood drive on July 12. Over the years he has parted with 30 gallons of blood during Red Cross drives.

The (Charleston) Times-Courier and Mattoon Journal-Gazette say he also donated blood during his military service in Germany in the 1950s, but there are no records showing how much.

Schaefer says he has no pre-donation rituals and has never fainted.

Once he was turned away for having too little iron in his blood. So he went home, ate liver and raisins and came back the next day.

He’s urging others to come out and donate.
Information from: Mattoon Journal-Gazette