Is St. Louis under cyber attack? Probably not

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norseST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Is St. Louis at the center of a cyber attack from China? A company that monitors threats on the internet shows a large amount of traffic headed into the area from China.  They say this map posted online may be misleading.  There are a lot of traps at their administrative headquarters based in St. Louis that make it look like the area is under attack.

According to Norsecorp’s Twitter profile they offer, “Live threat intelligence & unmatched visibility into the darkest corners of the Internet.”  A map on the company’s website shows a lot of activity coming from locations in china to IP addresses located mostly in St. Louis, Kirksville and Seattle. The majority of targets listed in the map are located in the US with origins in China.

For those following the rumors of a concentrated cyber attack on St. Louis via China, reporter Paul Schankman has information from the company causing the stir.  The company’s administrative headquarters is based St. Louis. Because of that, a disproportionately high number of the electronic “honeypots” they use to find suspicious activity are in the area. The map being circulated showing the activity is a public page for demo purposes only and shows only 1 in 100 signals being tracked.

The company also says that the attacks appearing to come from China may just be internet traffic routed through the country.  It is difficult to be sure where the sources of the threats are coming from.

Bottom line, we are not under attack. We are not going to die. You have to come to work tomorrow.

The St. Louis Business Journal reports the tech start-up was founded in 2010 to develop technology to alter the way companies and governments battle cyber crooks. It was founded by a Saint Louis University Graduate and a former Accenture consultant. The business is now based in San Mateo, CA.

See a LIVE view of the threat map here:

Check out a blog post from Norsecorp:

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