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Missouri corrections officer says he was targeted in shooting

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POTOSI, MO (KTVI) - A Missouri corrections officer said someone fired a gun at him while he was driving home from the prison in Potosi.

A bullet was recovered from his pickup truck. The officer, who asked to remain anonymous because he’s the victim of a crime, was not injured. He said his job can be dangerous.

“We’re constantly threatened,” he said.

The officer was originally set to retire two days after the shooting.

The 54-year-old corrections officer said had just left the prison in Potosi around 11:30 p.m. on June 25 when he pulled up to the intersection of Highways O and 8. The officer saw a flash of light coming from behind a tire store building then heard something hit his truck.

“I realized someone had shot at me, somehow, from up on the hill,” he said.

The officer drove towards Potosi and spotted police officers outside a convenience store. They checked his truck and discovered a .22 caliber bullet lodged in the vehicle, about a foot behind the correctional officer’s head.

“That’s a pretty scary realization,” the officer said.

In his 26 years on the job, he said threats from inmates were common, that some will try to intimidate officers by saying a friend or family member outside the prison walls will come after them.

“It’s very unusual that an actual threat is carried out in this manner,” said Potosi Police Chief Roy Logsden.

Police are investigating. The chief cannot say if this is related to any inmates. He hopes this story jogs people’s memories if they were in the area that night.

“A lot of times you’ll pick up some evidence that way,” Logsden said.

The former prison worker said he’s been sued by prisoners before but he doesn’t think a lawsuit is related to the shooting. He said he’s given detectives names of inmates who threatened him before his retirement, including one from seven weeks ago.

“He was actually threatening to do the same thing that happened,” the officer said.

No one has been arrested. The executive director of Missouri’s Corrections Officers Association told Fox 2 this incident shows everyone how dangerous the job is. The man who was fired upon said he and his family know how to use a gun, all because of his prison job.

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