Greyhound bus driver gets lost driving to St. Louis

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EVANSVILLE, IN - Some passengers on a greyhound bus from Nashville bound for St. Louis Friday are finally here but not without a nightmare story to share.

They left Nashville just before midnight last night, expecting to get here around 6:30 am Friday morning.

Instead, they ended up in Evansville Indiana at that time after they say the bus driver had to stop 20 times to ask for directions, got stuck in mud, and even crashed into the station there.

(Stephen Strachan/Passenger) "I was on my way to St. Louis to play in a showcase to try and get a scholarship for school; I can't play in that now."

That basketball showcase in front of college coaches was set to start at 9 am. We're happy to tell you that he finally got here, but not because of greyhound. A local television photographer in Evansville drove him the rest of the way to the event at Pattonville High School.