Man severely injured making homemade explosive

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – A homemade bomb exploded early Friday morning and seriously injured a South County man.  The powerful bomb went off near Telegraph and Sheridan.  The force of it blew off much of the man’s hand. People were frightened in the Park Terrace Apartments after the blast around 3:30 a.m.  County police said a man who lived in the complex took a homemade explosive, like a pipe bomb, to a nearby field where it exploded.

St. Louis County Police Captain Jim Schneider said, “He had some devastating injuries on him.”

The first officers on the scene immediately began working to save the 25-year-old man’s life. Patrol cars carry trauma bandages to quickly stop bleeding. Authorities do not think the man planned to use the bomb for criminal purposes.  Captain Schneider said, “Everything points right now to somebody who used bad judgment making a homemade explosive device.”

That bad judgment has residents worried. One woman who did not want to be identified said, “I watch my grandkids, just safety period, there’s a lot of children in this area and they’re outside playing all the time.”

Neighbors said about 20 people who lived in the same apartment building as the injured man were evacuated from their homes while police inspected his residence.  Debbra Stegall lives in the complex, “It’s ridiculous, it’s scary you don’t know what to do… it’s scary.”

Family members of the victim said it was not a pipe bomb that the man constructed but more of a musket, whatever it was the man could face legal problems.  Captain Schneider said, “Police says: it’s still being handled as a criminal matter the bomb and arson unit is investigating they’ll present a case to the prosecutor.”

Family members said the victim is expected to survive. Not only was his hand injured but also other parts of his body.