Arrests made after homeless man set on fire

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ALBUQUERQUE, NM - Irene Eenriquez and Josh Benavidez walk side by side with police.

Both are accused of throwing a firework at a homeless man, catching him on fire while he slept on an Albuquerque sidewalk.

Many times, suspects don't have much to say in these situations but Eenriquez took this opportunity to apologize.

(Irene Enriquez, Suspect) "I feel really bad for the man and his family...we're sorry."
Surveillance footage from a nearby business caught the horrific crime on camera.
Police say Enriquez and Benavidez were in this purple SUV, with three young children along for the ride.

After releasing the footage to the media, tips started pouring in...

All because they say Benavidez's ride was so easy to spot.

"It was very distinct I mean there aren't many purple SUV's and then with the public's help we were able to solve this crime."

According to court documents, neighbors told police they'd seen the vehicle around Benavidez's home.

And then, they say, that distinct purple SUV was suddenly painted white.

Tips kept coming inĀ  and one proved to be the break detectives needed.

Police say one of the kids who was in the s-u-v the night of the incident, told a babysitter what happened.

Once detectives brought Benavidez and Enriquez in for questioning, APD says they admitted to doing it.

But say the pair didn't have a particularly good explanation for *why they did it.

"They say they were just driving around lighting fireworks and throwing them out the car."

"And they felt like it was ok to throw some on a homeless guy."

"Apparently they did."