Murders break St. Louis non-violence streak during 7th day of protest on billboard

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - It was early last month, July 9th, when Daniel Boone Fuller climbed to the top of a billboard and vowed to live up there until the city managed to go a week without a homicide. If we can get through the rest of Sunday with no blood spilling, he could finally go home. Unfortunately a homicide was just reported in north St. Louis.

The last killing in the city was actually a double murder that took place on Granville Place last Sunday night. It took the city's murder rate to a staggering 111 when it happened.

At that point things were not looking good for a potential end to Fuller's protest. After all, it was late February into early march the last time seven days had passed without a killing in the city, and in the heat of the summer there appeared to be no sign of things letting up. But now, after a bloody early July, it appeared to be on the verge of finally getting through a week with no one dying.

Homicide detectives were called to the 2600 block of Semple Ave in St. Louis on Sunday morning. The body of a black male in his 20s was found in a backyard.

A woman's body was also found Sunday morning in the 5900 block of Era and North Pointe Blvd. She was found slumped over in a vehicle. She had been shot several times.

The streak of nonviolence ends once again. The clock restarts for Daniel Boone Fuller who has been protesting violence in the city by living up on a billboard since July 9. He vows to not come down until there has been one week without a killing.

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