5 things to know for your new day — Monday, August 3

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The waiting game continues in MH370 search. Memphis searches for a police killing suspect. And California faces another day of fighting fires.

It’s Monday, and here are five things to know for your New Day.


Getting closer: That piece of wreckage that washed up on an island last week is from a Boeing 777. Officials announced that conclusion yesterday. Now experts will determine if it came from MH370. Optimism is high the debris may help resolve some of the mystery of MH370, because the only Boeing 777 aircraft known to be in the Indian Ocean that could be the source of the wreckage is … MH370.


BOLO: A Memphis police officer is dead and a manhunt is on. Yesterday police ID’d Tremaine Wilbourn, 29, as the suspect in the slaying of Officer Sean Bolton. He was shot multiple times Saturday night during a traffic stop. Bolton was taken to a hospital where he later died. Wilbourn is considered armed and dangerous. Memphis is sadly getting very familiar with this type of tragedy: Bolton’s the third Memphis police officer killed in the past four years.


Run Joe run?: Is Joe Biden about to jump in? He’s yet to rule out a campaign and may wait beyond this month to decide, but a close confidant of his late son Beau Biden just joined up with a group hoping to convince the Vice President to run. While the might-be Biden campaign added staff, the Trump camp just dumped a person. Sam Nunberg, a political adviser, is out after racially charged social media posts he allegedly wrote were uncovered last week. Now for the weird part of all this. Trump fired Nunberg once before, in 2012, after Nunberg arranged a Buzzfeed profile that The Donald didn’t like. Then Trump turned around and rehired him for this campaign.


Shut it down?: Yes, the GOP is angry about those undercover Planned Parenthood videos. But are they angry enough to shut down the government over it? That’s what some Republican lawmakers are suggesting — not supporting any spending bills until federal funding for Planned Parenthood is axed. Rand Paul introduced a bill last week to defund Planned Parenthood, but don’t automatically mark him down as a shutdown supporter. “I support any legislation that will defund Planned Parenthood,” the senator told CNN yesterday. “But I don’t think you start out with your objective to shut down government.” Also, shutdown strategies haven’t exactly worked as planned the past few years.


Drought driven: The Golden State’s epic, multi-year drought is making it difficult for firefighters to get a handle on a wildfire that’s consuming 54,000 acres and forcing thousands to evacuate. Dry conditions and low humidity means fires even stay active at night, when they generally die down some. And that fire, known as the Rocky Fire, isn’t the only one burning. The Rocky Fire was one of two dozen wildfires burning in California yesterday. The governor has declared a state of emergency and the National Guard has been mobilized.

By Doug Criss


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