Dad’s new tattoo supports 6-year-old daughter’s hearing implant

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TAUPO, NEW ZEALAND - A New Zealand dad showed support for his 6-year-old daughter Charlotte, by getting a very special tattoo.

Just a few days before her cochlear implant, Charlotte’s dad, Alistair Campbell, got a cochlear implant himself. Except his implant is a tattoo.

The tattoo is located above his left ear, which is the same location as his daughter’s implant.

According to the New Zealand Herald, Campbell said he wanted to let Charlotte know that he could go through a little bit of pain for her.  When Charlotte saw the tattoo she laughed, touched it and thought it was ‘cool.’

Campbell says he plans to grow his hair back, but he will shave his head, revealing the tattoo on special occasions, or if Charlotte asks to see it.