Singing McDonald’s order goes viral

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Hattiesburg, MS – America’s latest viral video star thinks he deserves a break. Chase Carter hopes he’ll get just that, after his musical fast-food drive-thru order hit the net.

Carter and a friend were just ordering food when his friend said he should show off his talent.

“How about singing your order to McDonald’s? That could be a start.’ I was like, man I’m not doing that.” said Chase Carter.

Carter says the employee was… “Shocked. Like I said when I first…. when I first started singing she was kind of, are you serious? You know? So you’re going to sing your order to me?”

Carter comes from a musical family. “My mom, Angela Carter, she actually just got off tour, gospel tour, in Spain. My father, Charles Carter, as a lot of people know. The one man show. And my brother, Chris Carter, he’s a writer, producer, rapper.”

He’s just started taking his music more seriously and released his first single. He says he never expected the video to get this big, but is excited to see where it takes him.

“No ma’am that’ll be it. No that can’t be right! So you said two Hot and Spicys. I’m just messing with you. That’s right, that’s right. Thank you baby girl, baby girl.” said Chase Carter.

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