Parents upset over Normandy Schools Collaborative dropping public comments at meetings

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NORTH ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KTVI) – Citizens complain to You Paid For It after a local school Board decides to muzzle citizens at school board meetings.

The Board that runs Normandy schools decided to end citizen comment periods at board meetings and instead hold town hall sessions outside of the regular meetings.

It means citizens won't get to talk at the official meetings when the board decides on how it's going to spend your tax dollars.

Investigator Elliott Davis catches up to the school board who dropped citizen comments without having asked citizens if that's what they want.

One school activist said, "It's unprecedented for a public facility, public school to tell its citizens that they can't speak in public comment at open board meeting. It’s never happened. I think it's horrible".

Superintendent Charles Pearson defends their decision to eliminate citizen’s comments at the board meeting. He says the board meeting is to conduct that business, not to have that dialogue.

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