Police trying to connect stolen storage items with owners

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UNION, MO (KTVI) - Franklin County detectives are seeking charges against six people accused of stealing items from multiple storage facilities and trading the items for drugs. They are now looking to reunite the property owners with the truckloads of stuff recovered.

Detectives showed me a large quantity of stolen items they recovered and police believe the ring had been operating for more than a year.

The Franklin County Sheriff's Department storage facilities in Franklin, Iron and Gasconade Counties were hit by the thieves at least eleven times last week. a storage owner noticed the suspects walking around various storage sheds. When officers arrived they had discovered many storage locks had been cut. Police say the suspect fled. Later police arrested two suspects connected to the ring. Police say the suspects confessed to the crime.

Police recovered a wide variety of stolen goods from historical artifacts, valuable coins, tires, power tools, jewelry, televisions and much more. In fact, police say this is the most stolen property they have recovered in one time.

If anyone suspects their storage units were broken into they should file a police report and contact the Franklin County Sheriff's Department to to request a viewing.