Mayor Slay wants common sense gun control to combat violent crime

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - It's no secret that St. Louis city has a major problem with violent crime. Homicides are up 60% from last year. I sat down with Mayor Francis Slay to find out what he is doing to deal with the issue.

slay says its his biggest problem and his number one priority. He says that too many easily available guns with people eager to use them is adding to the violence.

The Mayor showed me pics off camera of seizures of weapons in recent weeks. He wants more common sense gun regulation at the state and federal level to combat crime.

The Mayor wants to make sure people know they are safe in the city. As long as there not in a gang, involved in drugs or out in the street at 2am where they shouldnt be.

Mayor Slay is also asking citizens to stand up and demand what he is referring to as common sense gun control.